Ultimate Pole Fitness Glasgow - Testimonial image 1“I was recommended Ultimate Pole Fitness through a friend who had been going for many years, so I decided to give it a go. After my first week my muscles ached all over, I even had sore muscles where I didn’t know I could have muscles! It was all totally worth it though, as I had great fun.

“Maddie is always very enthusiastic and full of energy, always managing to give everybody in the class personal attention. She’s always positive even when I’m not, and knows how to continually raise the bar always subtly pushing me to achieve what seemed impossible only a few weeks before.

“Now it’s a year on and I’m upside down and doing things I never thought possible. It has increased my fitness levels, strength and flexibility.

“I have so much fun and look forward to going back every week – far from being a chore! The girls are great and I’ve made some wonderful friends throughout.”

Lucy Boyce – 1 year at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“Why do I love pole? …I love pole because you are always building your strength week by week. There is no better feeling than nailing that hard move! I enjoy pole so much I now go twice a week! Maddie is a great teacher and makes you feel so welcome.”

Jacqueline Young – 8 months at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“I just want to say how much I love pole fitness. Classes are amazing and I’ve learned so much since I started. It’s by far the best and most fun way to keep fit. I could feel the difference in myself almost straight away. I would be lost without my pole classes now, thanks so much Maddie.”

Carla Graham – 8 months at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“Pole fitness is definitely the best fitness class I’ve ever taken! I’m amazed at how much strength and skill I’ve built up while going to Ultimate Pole and it’s all down to Maddie. She is the best instructor, so encouraging, supportive and friendly! I love that every class only has 5 girls at the most as it gives me plenty of 1 to 1 time with Maddie to work on my moves and technique.

“All the girls are so friendly as well and everyone encourages each other. I’m always looking forward to my next class!”

Katie Burns – 5 months at Ultimate Pole Fitness

testimonials image 2 Ultimate Pole Fitness

“Pole fitness is a great thing to do. It gets you fit, you learn a new skill, and it’s fun! Ultimate Pole Fitness is the place to do it. Each week you get to spend time with a great group of girls who inspire you to do things you never thought you could. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get fit and have fun!”

Jillian Shields – 3 years at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“Attending Ultimate Pole Fitness has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I have made amazing new friends which I will keep for the rest of my life, while keeping fit in a really fun, inspiring and motivating environment. Maddie is the best tutor anyone could wish for, ensuring our safety, encouraging us to achieve new moves and continue with our reps; as well as providing the fun and giggles that every girl wants. I wholeheartedly recommend Ultimate Pole Fitness and look forward to meeting you at one of the classes.

Stacy McMeechan – 11 months at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“I have been doing Ultimate Pole Fitness for nearly a year now and I love it!! It’s the only exercise class I enjoy going to AND get an amazing workout at. My upper body strength has improved more than I could have imagined and it’s toned me all over. The class is made better thanks to the wonderful Maddie who always encourages you to push your limits and makes you feel like you’re achieving something. Each block brings a new challenge and there’s always a higher, stronger, more difficult move to master. I’ve recommended Ultimate Pole Fitness to all my friends and those who have tried it are now regulars.”

Jen Gillan – 11 months at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“Pole has become a big part of my life which challenges both my body and my mind and encourages me to keep trying until I succeed. There is nothing like the excitement of achieving a new move. In the 4 years I’ve been at Ultimate Pole Fitness I’ve lost weight, got fit and toned, gained so much confidence, and met lots of lovely people. I can’t imagine not doing pole, and plan to continue for as long as I can.”

Fiona Travers – 4 years at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“I really enjoy pole as it’s a great sport but not only do I enjoy the lessons, the girls at class are great fun and I love going there every week! I have learned so much so quickly thanks to the supportive Maddie.”

Carlota  – 4 months at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“For me, pole is more than a fitness class I go to every week. It’s my sport. You are welcomed in by the team. You are encouraged and inspired to challenge yourself. You build your strength, increase your flexibility and master new moves. You leave satisfied in the knowledge that you have done something you can be proud of.”

Ruth Morris

“I love pole because over the last few years it has built up my strength and toned me up. Every week, practising new moves is a challenge of ability and strength. The teacher is fantastic and the other girls in the class are a great laugh. Everyone is made to feel welcome even if you are at a different level from someone else. I’ve been doing it for a while now and still enjoy every minute of it. I would definitely recommend Ultimate Pole Fitness to anyone.”

Elaine Russell – 3 years at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“Pole fitness is a great way to keep fit and the results are noticeable very quickly. The classes are really good fun and it’s amazing how quickly you can learn the new moves.”

Emma Worboys – 4 months at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“Pole fitness is an amazing form of exercise, it works all the muscles in your body! I have a busy working life and 2 kids, but I look forward to my pole class because you forget everything else. It’s nothing like a boring exercise class at the gym.

“I love Ultimate Pole Fitness because you can get fit and tone up whilst having fun at the same time. Every week you achieve new goals, and always have a challenge to work towards. There is always a relaxed environment and everyone is so encouraging towards each other. Since starting from a beginner, Maddie has helped me reach the advanced level which I never thought was possible.”

Sarah Barrie

“I’ve been going to pole fitness for nearly 3 years and I still love it! I started going because I had just been diagnosed with MS and had been unable to walk for a month. After I recovered, I decided to build up my strength in a fun and different way from what I’d been recommended and pole has been amazing. Maddie took over pole classes in the summer and a few months into this I had an MS relapse, was hospitalised for a week, and was out of classes for nearly a month much to my dismay (I even missed doing the reps!)

“When I was well enough to return, Maddie was a great support and let me go at my own pace to build my strength back up, and regain my confidence which had taken a bit of a battering. I am now much better than ever and on much tougher moves which I never thought possible a few months ago. Maddie has been incredibly encouraging and I am so happy I joined Ultimate Pole Fitness. I would recommend it to anyone, it has given me my confidence back and is great fun as well!”

Jen – 3 years at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“I have been going to Ultimate Pole Fitness for nearly 2 years now and I just love it. I had tried other similar classes, but they weren’t as good as the classes offered by Ultimate Pole Fitness. Maddie is very encouraging and patient and makes the classes fun. I would definitely recommend people try it out, it’s so much fun while toning your body at the same time.”

Lynn Halliday – 2 years at Ultimate Pole Fitness

Ultimate Pole Fitness Testimonial image“I have been poling for 4 years now and have trained under a few different instructors. I can honestly say that Maddie is the most patient and encouraging person I’ve ever met – her positivity is infectious! Classes are relaxed and friendly and even after 4 years they still give me a real buzz especially after a hard day at work, pole is the perfect way to leave it all behind.

“The changes in my body shape are massive and a pleasing benefit to what I refer to as my favourite 2 hours of the week.

“Ultimate Pole Fitness has really encouraged me to work on my fitness levels to help me progress further, faster and achieve things I never thought possible. It was a catalyst to lots of positive lifestyle changes, and I’ll forever be grateful I thought “What the heck. I’ll give it a go.” I reckon I’ll still be poling when I collect my pension, and I’m sure it will be at Ultimate Pole Fitness.”

 Kirsty Taylor – 4 years at Ultimate Pole Fitness

“I have been coming to Ultimate Pole Fitness for almost a year and I just love it! Maddie has really helped me progress through the moves and always has time to spend with each person individually.  All the girls are so lovely and really encourage each other along. It’s great getting fit and strong in such a friendly atmosphere whilst having fun.”

Fiona Liang – 1 year at Ultimate Pole Fitness
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