What's the difference between pole dancing and pole fitness?
Pole fitness doesn’t involve any ‘sexy’ routines like pole dancing.  You learn lots of amazing moves and spins, but we don’t dance around the pole at all. Pole fitness classes also include an element of building core and upper body strength called ‘reps’ which will help you master your moves.
What's involved in reps?
Reps are a 20 minute part of the class designed to increase core and upper body strength. These are done as a group and are fun and interactive. Examples of rep exercises include sit-ups, planks, press-ups, and squats. Don’t worry if you have no experience of any of these though, I start everyone at their own level!
What should I wear?
Just wear shorts and a t-shirt or vest top. Don’t worry about bringing high heels either, as we train in bare feet.!
Why do I have to wear shorts?
Shorts are ideal for pole fitness because you need some skin contact with the pole. This helps you control your spins and climbs, and gives you a better grip.
Does it hurt?
A bit! When you start classes you will probably experience some muscle soreness. This is nothing to worry about! Even if you are a regular at the gym, pole fitness will work your muscles in a different way.

Don’t worry though, after a couple of classes you’ll notice a massive improvement!

How big are the classes?
At Ultimate Pole Fitness our maximum class size is 5 girls. Everyone has their own pole for the whole class too so there’s no pole sharing!
I have no upper body strength - does that matter?
Not at all! I will start you right at the beginning, and you will build your strength up class by class. Moves are specifically designed to help this while also being fun and achievable. You’ll be surprised how quickly you gain strength just by practising beginner spins and doing your reps.
How many moves do I work on at once?
Each block consists of 4 moves. As you move up to the higher levels you will find you are working on a couple of blocks at a time, but to start with you will focus on 4 new moves every 4 weeks. You will continue to practice moves from your previous blocks as well though, so you always have plenty to work on.
Is there a specific beginners class?
No. As classes are kept to a maximum of 5 girls, every session is suitable for beginners. The other girls in the class may be at different stages, but it’s always exciting to see what’s ahead. Every beginner is welcomed into class and started on their moves in a friendly and informal way. In every class I spend time individually with each girl working with her on her specific moves.
I've tried pole fitness elsewhere. Can I still join Ultimate Pole Fitness?
If you’ve tried a different class in the past I would still love to welcome you to Ultimate Pole Fitness. Depending on your previous experience, you would work on appropriate moves from our blocks. Depending how long you had been away from classes, you would build up your strength again with familiar moves to ensure your safety on the pole.
Are there age restrictions for joining Ultimate Pole Fitness?
The minimum age is 16 years old. There is no maximum age! If you are in your 40’s/50’s or 60’s and fancy trying pole then we would love to have you! Classes are very diverse in age range so don’t worry about not fitting in!
How do I go about booking classes?
You can book classes by calling or texting me on 07779 027 633, by messaging me on Facebook, or by submitting an enquiry form through the website. Classes are taken in blocks of 4 weeks for £45.

If you want to try a class before you commit to a block then you can take a taster class for £15. If you wish to complete the remainder of the block you can pay £30 for the other 3 classes.

When do I pay for my classes?
You pay for your class at the beginning of the session. Payments have to be made in cash.
When are the classes on?
Classes are available Monday – Thursday. Check the ‘Class Schedule’ section of the website for specific times.
What happens if I can't make my class?
If you need to cancel or swap a class then this is no problem. I will always try to accommodate changes, but I ask for 24 hours notice so that I can re-book your place. Classes cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be lost.
What's the structure of the class?
Classes start with a warm-up, and then you’ll go straight onto the pole to work on your moves. We do our reps together as a class for 20 minutes, and this is followed by a relaxing cool down.
I'm worried I'm too heavy to try pole fitness, is there a weight limit?
Absolutely not! We have girls of all shapes and sizes. Pole fitness is a great way to lose weight and tone up, and you’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll notice if you attend classes regularly, and work hard at your reps!
I'd love to try pole fitness but I'm really shy. What are the classes like?
I’m extremely proud to say that the girls at Ultimate Pole Fitness are friendly, welcoming, encouraging and great fun. Every new girl will find classes to be an inclusive and friendly environment. All of our girls not only love to achieve their own moves, but love seeing their classmates achieve their goals as well.